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Sburb - Session Info

Post by ✰ ニコラス on Fri Jun 13, 2014 11:14 am

"You have a feeling it is going to be a long day..."


Arabella Viva Warner             - Rogue of Heart  - Derse   -  talkativeInsomniac
Bella Cate Tyler-Whiteman     - Sylph of Breath - Derse   - acidicCatalepsy
Catriona Garret                     - Seer of Blood    - Prospit -
Harry Edwin John Bell            - Mage of Mind    - Prospit - egotisticalEnigma
Jada Areeya May                   - Witch of Life     - Derse   - woodElf
Jennifer Chang                     - Heir of Light     - Prospit
John Horst Fegebank            - Prince of Void   - Derse    - galacticCyanide
Liam Oliver Burnheim-Foster - Page of Hope    - Prospit  - grimdarkAngel
Maddison Elizabeth Ayton     - Maid of Space   - Prospit  - astronomicAscension
Nicholas Liam Vickers           - Knight of Time  - Derse    - temporalTermination
Reece Park                          - Bard of Doom   - Derse
Trent James Aitken              - Thief of Rage    - Prospit


Maddi    --> Harry     --> John     -->
Trent     --> Liam      --> Reece    -->
Jennifer --> Catriona --> Jada      -->
Arabella --> Bella      --> Nicholas -->



Passive/Active Scale:

Muse - Lord   : Master/Rule
Heir - Witch   : Convert/Manipulate
Seer - Knight : Understand/Exploit
Bard - Prince : Destroy/Destroy with
Sylph - Maid  : Restore/Create
Rogue - Thief : Steal/Redistribute
Page - Mage  : Serve/Embody

-7: Lord.
-6: Witch.
-5: Prince.
-4: Thief.
-3: Knight.
-2: Maid.
-1: Mage.
+1: Heir.
+2: Rogue.
+3: Seer.
+4: Sylph.
+5: Bard.
+6: Page.
+7: Muse.



Arabella   - Land of Zombies and Rainbows        - (LOZAR)
Bella        - Land of Vegemite and Wind            - (LOVAW)
Catriona   -
Harry       - Land of Glass and Knowledge          - (LOGAK)
Jada        - Land of Woodlands and Restoration - (LOWAR)
Jennifer   -
John       - Land of Darkness and Emeralds       - (LOEAD)
Liam       - Land of Fiction and Dreams             - (LOFAD)
Maddison - Land of Books and Frogs                 - (LOBAF)
Nicholas  - Land of Clockwork and Liberation     - (LOCAL)
Reece     -
Trent      - Land of Magic and Cards                  - (LOMAC)


Strife Specibus & Fetch Modus:

Arabella    - Bladekind                         - Pictionary/Wallet Modus
Bella        - Handgunkind
Catriona   -
Harry       - SprayKind, BckybllKind      - Puzzle Modus
Jada        - StaffKind                          - Spellbook Modus
Jennifer   -
John        - AxeKind                           - Typewriter modus
Liam        - ScytheKind                      - Fibonacci Heap Modus
Maddison - ScissorKind, UmbrellaKind -
Nicholas  - BladeKind, RevolverKind    - Pictionary Modus
Reece     -
Trent      - CardKind

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Re: Sburb - Session Info

Post by ✰ ニコラス on Fri Aug 08, 2014 10:06 am

"Your name is [NAME]. As was previously mentioned it is a VERY SPECIAL DAY TODAY. A number of PAPERS are scattered about your room. You have a variety of INTERESTS. You have a passion for HOMESTUCK. You like to play "certain sandbox video games" but you are NOT VERY GOOD AT THEM. You have a fondness for INTERNET FANDOMS, and are an aspiring FANGIRL. You also like to CHAT WITH A PARTICULAR GROUP OF FRIENDS a lot of the time.

What will you do?"

Typing Quirks:

Perfect syntax and grammar, with the occasional "~" at the end of sentences for aesthetics. Uses " " for emphasis or quotation, * * for particular actions, and possibly ( ) for whispering. Does, on occasion, use emoticons and may also type in haikus when he feels like doing as such.
TT: How dare you do that / I feel like an idiot / You have disgraced me.
TT: o(╥﹏╥)o

Refers to her quirk as "I don't give a fuck", which is shown to be no full stops most of the time. Capitalization, commas, and other punctuation are usually kept to a high standard."Hue", double exclamation marks and exclaiming specific actions without indication are other "I don't give a fuck traits".
AA: Uh
AA: All I can think of is death in space and colours

Standard syntax and grammar. Every Letter before an A is capitalized, every A is capitalized. Every T is a 7. Using this kind of quirk for long periods may cause lack of intelligence, douche-ness increases and signs of turning into an extreme asshat.
EE: Hello 7here And welcome 7o your room. I Am 7he MAge of Mind And All you bi7ches sHAll follow me or become fucked.
EE: 7here.

Mostly perfect grammar and punctuation, occasionally misses things without realising. Also tends to replace "No" with "Nein" when disagreeing (Will usually exclaim it). Also has the tendency to make (usually horrible) puns.
GC: Nein, nein, nein nein nein!


Standard syntax and grammar. May also use bold wording and use random emoticons.
GA: Wait... what. No, no, no. I am leaving...
GA: Bye!!!


Has a fondness for using one-worded sentences. Barely any proper syntax and grammar, and cannot seem to spell simple words in a correct manner. Uses a lot of acronyms and shortenings of various words. May cause people to feel immediately sad after viewing.
??: K
??: Bai




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