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Sburb- Land Info

Post by ✰ ニコラス on Sat Jul 19, 2014 8:54 am

"Player: Enter"

Player: Knight of Time.
Land: Land of Prognostication and Purgatory.
Consorts: Demons.
Denizen: Hephaestus.
Totem Animal: Crows.
Underlings: Due to the ever-changing timeline of LOPAP, an exact material for each Underling is hard to list. They may vary from stone cold iron to metallic material far beyond our technological status, and any material in between.

Land Description: The land of LOPAP, one place with at least a thousand names. At its very core, the planet houses a massive construct, that of which resembles a clock. This masterpiece of engineering is said to be crafted by Hephaestus' own two hands, from the complex and small mechanisms to the rather large clock hands that can be seen turning within, and on top of, the ocean. The actual land masses and outer shell of this planet are quite variable, to the extent that one could go from adventuring through the towns of an ancient and mystical time, to trudging in the harsh sands of a post-apocalyptic wasteland. This is all due to the clockwork structure of LOPAP, controllable by the infamous denizen. The structure has the ability to manually shift the planet's timeline to a new state, effectively giving one the power over the entirety of LOPAP.

Quest: As LOPAP's Knight of Time, the Hero must attempted to put an end to the time shifting powers of the planet's clockwork construct. However, the only way to stop this machine is to directly gain access to the control room, within the centre of the structure. A giant hatch which lies somewhere on the land can provide a passage to the control room, but, like most other video game storylines, the hatch is locked. The giant clock hands which normally move along the land also signify the apparent status of each of LOPAP's unique timelines, which, if fixed according to the correct flow of each timeline, will form around the hatch and act as keys, unlocked the damned thing. If all of this is achieved, the player can FINALLY move on to meeting his/her denizen and making their choice...

The Choice: The Hero obviously has two choices;

--The Path of Destroying Shit-- The Knight of Time can decided to wreck this piece of crap's shit, or, in better terms, politely deactivate the Clockwork Construct. The apparent "True form" of LOPAP will start to take shape, the consorts will have piece of mind knowing their planet will stay the same, and the Grist Hoard will be unleashed.

--The Path of Manipulating Timey Whimey Stuff-- In this Path, the Knight of Time can choose to leave the Clockwork Construct alone, allowing the Hero to take full advantage of the machine's capabilities (Such as casually creating Post-Apocalyptic Wastelands everywhere for no reason. Hooray!). The Grist Hoard will be unleashed.

(Shit, these choices seem so boring and mellow, not enough cool shit for the Player...) Uh... hmm... Also! The Hero will be granted cool-ass time powers by order of everything amazing. (Nailed it.)

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Re: Sburb- Land Info

Post by TheHamster on Sun Aug 31, 2014 5:52 am

Player: Prince of Hope
Land: Land of Diamonds and Hope (LODAH)
Consorts: Sheepdogs (They speak a bit like JadeSprite, they can speak normally, but with "Bark" here and there)
Denizen: Abraxas
Totem Animal: Ravens
Underlings: Coal Imps, Sapphire Liches, Ruby Basilisks, Graphite Ogres and Diamond Giclopses.

Land Description: The LODAH is a beautiful land that seems to be carved out of a giant sphere of Diamond. The buildings are almost all pure Diamond, and are inhabited by the land's consorts, the Sheepdogs. The land has seas of molten carbon and has a core of pure Coal. The Denizen, Abraxas, resides in his Palace in the center of the Sea. The land is bright and filled with sun. The hope radiates not only from the Consorts, but also from the ground itself.

Quest: As Prince of Hope, the Player must find a way to cross the Carbon Sea using only Hope. Once the Player has got to the Palace of Abraxas, he must make his way into the Denizen's Dwelling and find Abraxas. To test the Hero's mastery of their Powers, Abraxas releases a powerful monster called the Leviathan, which lives in the Carbon Sea. There is a large pool of Water in Abraxas's chamber where the Leviathan comes in. Using their Powers and any weapons at the disposal, the Player must defeat the Leviathan to earn their reward: The Choice

Choices: The Prince of Hope has two choices after effectively becoming a King.

--The Path of the Monarch-- The Hero rules the LODAH's Consorts fairly and equally, leaving them to mostly lead their own lives. Should the Hero choose this path and need to leave the LODAH, they can leave either a trusted, high ranking Consort or their Sprite in charge of the Planet. This allows the Hero to use his powers in a more constructive way, rather than being right out destructive.

--The Path of the Tyrant-- The Hero takes over the LODAH by force, killing any Consorts that get in his way. This path means that the Consorts are so terrified of their new ruler that the Hero doesn't need to leave anyone in charge, it also makes the Hero's powers stronger, but more destructive and more energy consuming.

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Re: Sburb- Land Info

Post by Lord Emeraldicus on Sat Mar 28, 2015 4:12 pm

Player: Prince of Void
Land: Land of Darkness and Emeralds (LODAE)
Consorts: Panthers
Denizen: Nix
Totem Animal: Bats
Underlings: Crude Imps, Obsidian Liches, Sapphire Basilisks, Ruby Ogres and Emerald Giclopses.

Land Description: The centre of LODAE is entirely hollow, apart from a black hole and the player's house/hive when they are transported there. The only thing that stops the planet from being ripped apart from within is a bizarre magnetic field emitted from the dark energy on the planet. There is no known cause for this, however, if the dark energy is taken from the Emeralds on the planet, the field will stop and the black hole's effects will be felt. However, the only things that'll be unaffected by gravity of the black hole is the house/hive and the sanctum in which the denizen resides. The surface of the planet is made from obsidian. It is covered in ruins and contains emerald clusters which form from the ground. The majority of these clusters are pulsating with dark energy, and can be very lethal if not mined correctly. The emeralds are much stronger than Earth diamonds, and thus, harder to mine. The normal ones produce Emerald Grist and the dark ones produce dark emerald grist, which is slightly more valuable. The ruins of the planets contain it's relic's and lore. The Sky show nothing but darkness, however, that is only the effect of the planet's atmosphere. There are also, however, two types of places where consorts reside, mines and towns. The mines are common and are where enslaved consorts are found. Grist can be found in carts at mines. Towns are much rarer and are where free consorts reside. They hate the denizen and are very willing to help the hero. They are also more educated than slave consorts.

Quest: As the Prince of Void, the player must find a way to either destroy the planet's void... or destroy it with void. Either way, the Denizen must be dealt with first. To find the denizen, the player must first uncover the secrets of the planet. These secrets can be uncovered by talking to free consorts and exploring ruins. When enough has been discovered about the Land, and the player has ascended, the Castle of Nix will be visible. The player must enter through the only entrance, which is at the front. Upon entry, they will be attacked by the underlings. These underlings will not be like those found outside, as they will be filled with dark energy, which will make them stronger and more violent. Once they are defeated, the player may proceed to the dungeon, where slave consorts will be held in cages. The player may free them to fight for them, or leave them to mine for them. If they are left, they may be freed afterwards at any time, but free ones can't become slaves again. Once this has been done, the player may continue onto the sanctum of Nix. She will be waiting in there and very powerful. Once Nix is defeated, she will pass out. Two pedestals will then appear. This will be The Choice.

The Choice: The player has two choices.

--The Path of the Cleanser-- The pedestal to the left will have a button, with "fume" written in Daedric script, the language that the ruins has written on the walls. When pressed, the dark energy will be fumed into the black hole at the centre of the planet, causing it to collapse in on itself. The planet will be safe and the player can rule it as he pleases. Free consorts will fight for you and slave consorts will increase grist income.

--The Path of the Destroyer-- The pedestal on the right will have, "Drain" written on it. When pressed, Nix will scream in pain and disappear in a black cloud of smoke. All the dark energy on the planet will be drained into the player. It will be extremely painful, however, the player will be much more powerful than before. However he was also become emotionally unstable with his anger and cruelty. He will also be more susceptible to going Grimdark. The planet will begin to rumble, and be engulfed by the black hole. It will not be able to affect the sanctum or house/hive of the player. gates will appear leading to the house and Skaia. All consorts will die, except ones in the sanctum. A substantial amount of grist will appear in the room for the taking and LODAE will be nothing but a black hole.
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Re: Sburb- Land Info

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