New Roleplay Suggestions

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New Roleplay Suggestions

Post by ✰ ニコラス on Thu Oct 16, 2014 11:57 am

Here is the place to post any new Roleplay suggestions that you may have.
Remember, it must contain a decent plot, specific Roleplaying details, character forms, an intriguing setting and rules!

[Post Suggestions Below]
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Re: New Roleplay Suggestions

Post by TheHamster on Fri Oct 17, 2014 9:21 am

Power Pills (For lack of a better name for the RP >.< )

Going about your normal Saturday, you got a phone call telling you to meet someone at an abandoned house. You arrive, and go inside, only to have the previously unlocked door lock behind you, and gas spill into the room. You stumble, and lose consciousness.

When you wake up, you are shackled in a prison cell, or what appears to be one. A recorder on the message plays back a message: 'You have been selected for the trial of the experimental "Power Pills" that have been created by Tiger Manufacturing. You are to choose one of the 5 Pills on the table, Red, which allows you to shapeshift into anything, but only twice a day, with an hour of transformation at max. Blue, which gives you the ability to become invisible at will, but only when you are in danger. Green, which lets you create objects out of thin air, but only 5 objects each day. Purple, which allows you to move through shadows, though you can only move up walls and such, you cannot go through walls or under doors. And Yellow, which grants you the power to wield the powers of Fire, Ice and Lightning, although for only an hour each day. Your challenge, and that is ALL of you Guinea Pigs, is to meet up with each other and escape the prison. Once you choose a pill, the cell will open.'

The recorded message ends. You vaguely remember something about Tiger Manufacturing, that they had been testing weapons and their boss wanted nothing but world domination. You, with your newfound powers from the one pill you chose, must work with the other captives to escape the prison and destroy the evil corporation.


1. Follow all Forum Rules
2. Swearing is allowed, but must be censored
3. Remember the limitations of each pill, if you ignore those limitations, you will be warned.
4. Do not God-Mod, which is to say, do not make your character overpowered, make them avoid/hit every attack, etc.
5. To prove that you have read these rules, put 'Prison' in your form
6. To help in the advancement of the RP, try to post a bare minumum of 2-3 lines. One-Liners can kill RPs by not containing enough detail.


Pill Colour:

Other Details:

The Role Play is set in a fictional town called Winteria. A small place where a small blanket of snow is always covering the town. The weather is normally cold, but it does not rain. Smoke pours from the factory of the Tiger Manufacturing HQ in the south. The Prison in the North East, where you were captive, is on an island, thus only accessable by boat or air. Where you were led to, the abandoned house, is to the North West, and is likely where your valuables are, including your phone, vital details, and anything else. Between the North and South parts of town is a Mall. A recent civilian uprising of sorts has turned the normally peaceful Mall, the only way to reach the Tiger HQ, into a warzone, with traps, and crazy civilians with guns. There is a Gun shop inside the Mall, packed to the rafters with guns and weapons to help your cause, if you can get inside. Your house is in the north of town, between the prison island and the abandoned house. If you want to go there, that is...

If I am missing anything, let me know and I can change it

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